Budget Common EMS Service

write 200 words response only and complete the budget matrix (information)

SUBJECT: Finance of EMS Sysytems.In this course, you are asked to develop a budget for an EMS service. This exercise allows you to work toward the development of that budget, and you are going to begin by identifying examples of common EMS services. First, click here to download a matrix for this exercise (Attach). Next, through the Internet, locate an example organization for type of EMS organization listed in the matrix. Finally, include a web link, contact information, or an address for each example EMS organization.

The purpose of this project is to allow you to identify common EMS services and to begin considering the type of organization you would like to choose for the budget project. While developing the budget, you will serve as a key administrator for the organizations listed below:

911 Communications and Dispatch Center: This dispatch center serves an urban area, and it contains a staff of 65 employees, which include the administration. The center is expected to generate $1.5 million for the next year. You have been asked to prepare an operating budget for the center to help them achieve the goal of improving the work environment for employees (they are having trouble keeping employees for longer than seven months).

The budget you develop will be based upon the characteristics listed with the EMS organization you select., Begin dissecting the organization by answering the following questions: Based on the budgetary goal, what do you know about this EMS organization, what does the EMS organization expect to achieve through the budget, and why is financial management important to them?

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Draft a 200-word response to the questions, and you should end up with a draft of the rationale for your budget in APA Format with references (So budget matrix is 1 page and answering questions is second page) .

The purpose of this project is to allow you to begin examining an organization within an EMS system and how the strategic goals impact how the funds may be distributed within a budget.

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