Case Study on EcoSol Business Change Programme

You have just been seconded to the role of HR project team member representing ReNew Heat on the People Workstream of EcoSol’s Business Change Programme. You report to the Project Lead within this workstream, but retain a dotted line to your HR Director within ReNew Heat, Polly Latham. Your task is to provide an analysis and information on some of the key issues within ReNew Heat that need to be taken into account or may have an impact on the success of the People Workstream. You should identify the HR issues and priorities for action within ReNew Heat to support the overall Change Programme. Please provide a written report to be submitted to your Project Lead. Specifically you should: 1. Provide your views on ReNew Heat’s priorities and issues – and any other wider relevant issues you have identified – and what those might mean for the People Workstream. 2. Identify the HR risks and issues for ReNew Heat that the project team and ReNew Heat’s HR team need to be aware of. 3. Put together a plan of how these risks and issues need to be managed. The plan should have a timescale of 6-12 months.

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