Chapter 3 HRD

77. Chapter 3 HRD


Please can you start working in chapter 3. I will upload some new materials today related to the conflict resolution training program from HRD.
Very Important:
1- Please make sure your read chapter 1 and 2 very carefully because there are many things have been changed.
2- Please make sure you read the 2 PDF files that I will attach. These 2 files are the actual training program from HRD in Ventura County. Please don’t you think that you need to say something about them on the thesis??
3- According to the HandBook CHAPTER 3 should include the following:
Chapter III: Method
Research Method
Research Design
Pilot Studies (if applicable)
Selection of Subjects
Procedures for Data Collection
Procedures for Data Analysis
Assumptions and Limitations
of the Study
*please read the HandBook on the attachment.
4- Please make sure the language of the written is English as Second Language which mean make the language easy to understand and no hard vocabulary words
5- Please make sure no plagiarism because my supervisor always checking with Turnitin.
6- I will add 10 more pages to this chapter in the next 2 days.

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