Class: world geography


Located in mountainous southwestern China, Tibet is classified as one of China’s autonomous regions, a disputed political arrangement…but is it really? China claims that Tibet is a part of China–always has and always will be. Tibetans claim that Tibet is an independent entity throughout much of its history and has governed itself as a Buddhist theocracy.
Answer both questions given below.
Question # 1
Develop a good argument for Tibet:
(a) as part of the China empire or
(b) as an autonomous country.
Your assigned argument is given below:
I am assigned to argument forTibetan’s claim of autonomyinstead of arguing for China’s claim that Tibet is part of China:
Your personal feelings should not be a factor in your writing. The key is to create a solid argument regardless of your personal stand on the issue.
Question # 2)
The two article, “What is the One-China Rule?” and “Struggling: Japan’s Working Poor” are located in the East Asia Module.( I have attached these two articles in the additional material)
Re-read each articles. They address cultural, political, and/or economic geographic issues. Once you have read them, select the one you find most interesting. Once you have selected the article, answer the following:
Q2a) What prompted you to select this article?
Q2b) Is the article you selected bias? If so, how so?
Q2c) What is your opinion on the subject? Why?

• Any resources you use, be sure to cite them in your response.
• Your responses should total up to a minimum of 150 words and a maximum of 250 words.
• Be careful with grammatical and spelling errors. 0 to 5 grammatical/spelling errors = 5 points off, 6 to 10 points = 10 points off, Over 10 points = 15 points

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