Clinical Assessment (Paramedics)

22. Clinical Assessment (Paramedics)

There are two files that I will upload, the first file is named ‘Glossary terms and comments’ and the second file is named ‘comments’.
What I need for the writer is that he writes the comments for me in the second file (for 8 glossary terms in the file ‘comments’), by using references and in text, it’s the same as what happened in the first file. The first file is only an example of what the writer needs to do. I uploaded the first file just to only make it clear for you. I want a writer that is an expert at glossary and the other thing is, I want the writer to write the comments in the same method as the comments in the ‘Glossary terms and comments’ file that my classmates already wrote, which is an example. I don’t want the writer to go out of the subject; I want him to write in the same way and method in the second file as the comments in the first file.
Every comment has to be 30-60 words maximum including the reference. There can be a maximum of two references for each glossary, anyway, the first file which is ‘Glossary terms and comments’ is a good example that I uploaded so the writer can understand what I want which I explained. The total amount of words in all the comments shouldn’t be more than 240 or 350 words.
Just a reminder: that there are 8 glossary terms in the second file, I just want you to write the comments and reference (1 or 2 references) in it in the same way and method it was written in the first file by using your own words,