comfort women


Who were the “comfort women” and why was their story buried for so long?

War can be a sword of two sides. One side of it is to arise hope for peace in future of humanity. but
with the insufficient ruling while the other can mould soldiers into cold-blooded kill machines as
countries try to reach their victories without thinking in morals and consideration of the humans

belong elsewhere. During the 2oth century, groups of innocent girls and women from China, Korea,

the Philippines and other Asian countries were brutally mistreated, forced and tortured upon

physically, mentally and sexually by the Japanese military. Since the shame was heavily influential

on the social community back then, acknowledging and the voicing their experiences, these female 5
victims’ voices were not heard until a number of Korean women stepped up and shared their

stories. focus on the concepts expanding from these words: mistreated, forced and tortured upon
physically, mentally and sexually by the Japanese military. Why were there comfort women in the

first place? How where they lured or forced into being comfort women. Also, give out examples and
descriptions of the living environment and conditions of were the comfort women were locked. How
does being forced to be a comfort women effect these people and their families live? Give out 2.3 or
more (if needed) examples and stories of comfort women from Korea, China and Philippines and

some quotes. What are people or organizations from Korea and China or the rest of the world, not

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only Asian countries doing now to justify comfort women? Has japan ever publiclv acknowledged and apologized for their actions? If so, how or

if not, how did they denied it. Also, focus on why
acknowledge comfort women and their identity is so important. How does that affect or impact
national identity and justice? (essay references must include page number)