Competing w/info technology

Competing w/info technology
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Answer the following “Questions and Exercises” questions from Chapters 13 & 14 of your text in about 50-100 words each and submit them as a single Microsoft Word document to this dropbox:

Page 296 – Question 2: Is data a source of competitive advantage? Describe situations in which data might be a source for sustainable competitive advantage. When might data not yield sustainable advantage?
Page 299 – Question 1: Define the following terms: table, record, field. Provide another name for each term along with your definition.
Page 304 – Question 1: Why would a firm use a loyalty card? What is the incentive for the firm? What is the incentive for consumers to opt in and use loyalty cards? What kinds of strategic assets can these systems create?
Page 305 – Question 1: How might information systems impact mergers and acquisitions? What are the key issues to consider?
Page 320 – Question 1: What types of customer data does Caesars gather?
Page 320 – Question 2: How is the data that Caesars collects used?
Page 320 – Question 3: Describe Caesars’ most valuable customers. Approximately what percentage of profits does this broad group deliver to the firm?
Page 320 – Question 8: How does Caesars’ Total Rewards loyalty card system represent a switching cost?
Page 320 – Question 9: What is customer lifetime value? Do you think this is an easier metric to calculate at Caesars or Walmart? Why?
Page 330 – Question 1: Find the Web page for your school’s information systems department. What is the URL that gets you to this page? Label the host name, domain name, path, and file for this URL. Are there additional subdomains? If so, indicate them as well.
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