Context Essay and Presentation on Litost by Kundera

Context Essay and PresentationContext Essay and PresentationDue: See syllabus for schedule20% of Final Grade
What it is: A Two-Part Assignment
I. A 5+ page essay (include Works Cited) that must address the following areas:
a.Biographical information and relevant context (Roughly 2 pages; can be attained, at least partially, from non-academic sources.)(In other words, what contributed to the author’s development, the author’s ideas/views, the author’s voice?) (Also, Charters’ text should offer leads for many authors.) -Where is the author from?  -During what time period was/is the author working?  -What was happening, politically, socially, or otherwise during this time period? -What are the author’s views on culture, politics, religion, etc.?  -How/Why did author begin to write, and what are his/her/their influences? -How have writers been influenced by this writer?-When members of the literary community discuss this writer, what are important topics/themes/classifications/techniques that arise? -How has the author been critically received? Has the author attained a footing/been represented in the mainstream?
b. The writer’s views on writing in their own words (Roughly 1 page) Writers often leave traces of their views on their craft. Check the following: -Books they have written on creative writing or literature -Diaries they have kept and that have since been published -Interviews they have completed with The Paris Review, The New Yorker, or another top-tier publication -Interviews they have completed with smaller journals or other writers  -Essays they have published
c. Close reading, incorporating research (Roughly 2-3 pages) Offer an interpretation of one of the author’s stories -Utilize close reading techniques acquired earlier in term (see assignment sheet) -Utilize 2 academic sources in supporting your thesis

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II. A 20+ minute presentation of what you learned while composing your Context Essay that should be considered roughly 2/3 presentation of the material and 1/3 discussion leading—ideally one interspersed with the other. (In other words, resist the urge to clump.) You will be providing a handout of 3-4 pages to your classmates with shortexcerpts from your paper and from your sources. The presentation will consist of 1) what you’ve learned/read; 2) interpretation of what you’ve learned; 3) general response; 4) discussion; 5) engaging activity (something relevant and useful: perhaps in-class writing, a game, an activity that gets peers digging into text).
Goal: To practice presenting complex material in a professional way, with a professional sensibility. No need to dress up, but a time to practice the skills of discussion leading and of interpreting information (both orally and on paper) in a way that makes it accessible to others, and that is engaging. You should have a strong grasp on the material you’re presenting, and should not simply be reading from a sheet of paper. While we will be in a classroom, this is your opportunity to practice moving your thoughts on writing and literature “out of the classroom environment.” You are the expert for these 20+ minutes.