Controversy Analysis

96. Controversy Analysis

The essay is Controversy Analysis. I choose the topic about large lecture class. At first, writer helps me to apply for a research question. The question need attractive and positive. It’s better to use "what" or "how " for the question. For the argument, it must use at least three sources to "answer" the research question. You can find it in web, book, magazine or video. You use what sources which must cited at the end. If it’s a website, put the address is more helpful. I gives two sources I find in internet named "article3.pdf" and "Comparing the Benefits of Small-Group and Large-Class Discussions". But they are not very good source.You don’t have to use them.
Also like the website "" which tellsThe "Disadvantages of Huge Class Sizes" isn’t a good source because I can’t cited anything of the website.
Other important points are in the "requisition.doc".Be careful to see it. Thank you for help me.

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