Correlates of Exercise Self-Efficacy


Correlates of Exercise Self-Efficacy in a Randomized Trial of Mind-Body Exercise in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure

You will provide a 1-2 page summary (no more than 2 or no less 1 page) of the research article following these guidelines:

1. Purpose of thestudy and why was it important to study
(5 points)a.State Rationale &Including the hypothesis (what they expected to happen)
2. Method:Who were the subjects tested and how did they go about testing their subjectpopulation(5 points)
3. Results:What were their main findings(5 points)
4. Conclusion: How did their findings match their hypothesis(5points)a.Did the find what they expected?b. Did their interventionimprove physiologic function orhelp withthedysfunction?
5. If exercisewas usedas an intervention, how did it affect the results and explain how it didso?a.What would you expect, in retrospect to our discussions in class, if you removed theexercise intervention and replaced it with a dietary or drugintervention?
6. If exercisewas NOT usedas an intervention, would it have been beneficial or detrimental?
a.What would you expect, in retrospect to our discussions in class, if you repeated a non-exercise intervention study withexercise?

This is the link to the research paper:


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