Course Project

Course Project

As part of the planning process for your new accounting information system, your manager has asked that you prepare flowcharts. This graphic presents the flow of information through the accounting cycles.

Using the company information provided in the Week 02 Course Project Introduction, prepare flowcharts for two functions within two different cycles (total of four flowcharts).
Each of your flowcharts should have at least three steps. Be detailed, and have the right symbols for each process.
Use Excel or PowerPoint to demonstrate flowcharting features and basic visual elements.
Also, think your way through the cycles from beginning to end. For example how is revenue defined, such as when is it considered earned. Construct your thoughts and concepts by using the programs listed above.

Following are the cycles that you may elect to address:

Revenue Cycle
Production Cycle
Human Resources management and Payroll Cycle
General Ledger Cycle
Please note that you will have four deliverables for this assignment. Make sure your paper is organized and is visually appealing and should be done to be as if it was to be turned in a professional arena.
Include an APA formatted title page.

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