Crime Victim Services Program Bullhead City, Arizona


(pg 1) I need a 700 word or less Problem Statement for a grant application Identifying the problems victims of crime in Bullhead City, AZ face. With that being stated, I need statistical data with citations to define the severity of the problem. See Arizona Department of Public Safety Annual Report 2012. Also The Bullhead City Regional Economic Development Agency(BREDA) for stats.
(pg 2) I will also need a 700 word or less Project Summary to include how the program addresses the problem in the community, what services are provided, population served, why its important and how its unique. Services we provide are: Court Advocacy, Personal Advocacy, Assistance with filling out case specific documents, applying for Victim Compensation, seeking Restitution, offering referrals to other agencies, safety,transportation,emergency financial assistance. Note: The Mission of the Bullhead City Crime Vcitim Service Unit (BHCCVSU) is to meet the needs of crime victims in our community by providing them with unhurried and empathetic pathways to safety, participation in the crimiminal justice system, restitution and healing. Through appropriate advocacy and referrals BHCCVSU encourages crime victims to have a voice, be heard and know they are not alone.
Info to be included is why being victimized is a struggle, rural area, other closest services for victims are 40 miles away, victims face financial, physical and psycological issues.

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