Cross-Cultural Training


Your first individual assignment comprises writing a properly structured academic essay with all quotations and references properly cited in the text and referenced in the bibliography. The essay will need to be about 1200-1600 words as anything less will not contain sufficient information, discussion, analysis, depth and synthetic thinking to warrant a good grade.

The essay is to be submitted against the following: (remember to enrol in the class early so that submission can be made in good time – late submissions will not be accepted for any reason whatsoever and will be given 0% as a grade and I will ONLY assess and grade submissions in TurnItIn.)


Assignment Question

Compare the work of Frons Trompenaars with that of Geert Hofstede and identify and explain how their methodology and theoretical assumptions differ from or are similar to each other’s. Discuss the theory of toxic cultures, virtuous circles and vicious spirals as developed by Trompenaars’ collaborator, Charles Hampden-Turner, when describing corporate cultures.



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