Dali and Mir? as a graphic designers

112. Dali and Mir? as a graphic designers


The topic of the research paper is – Dali and Mir? as a graphic designers
I have found 3 bibliography, which you are MANDATORY TO USE. They are the following.
This is not just a mere factual, research paper. This NEEDS and MUST include analysis and point of view towards this topic and comparison analysis.
Here are the instructions:
Write a research paper.
It will be graded by
1) Question fully answered development and support of the argument, depth of understanding.
2) Organisation of essay, bibliography and referencing (MLA), clarity and elegance of English. photography can be added)
2. But also will be expected to:
a. Show evidence of scholarly research in the field chosen
b. Show independence of thought
c. Show a conceptual understanding of the topic chosen and of the theoretical issues underlying interdisciplinary, if appropriate
d. Demonstrate the ability to interpret evidence effectively in the chosen subject
e. Demonstrate clarity and lucidity of argument and expression in the presentation of results and conclusions
f. Prove competence in bibliographical, footnoting, data gathering and other appropriate skills
3. Length: The project will consist of around 4,500 words, exclusive of footnotes, bibliography, indented quotations and appendices
Don?t describe an art work (you have to analyze it by contrasting and comparing), Don?t write biographical papers.
What I strongly recommend you is:
– Googlescholar
1. Space the lines so that your lecturer can insert comments
2. Head your essay with the exact title you were assigned and your name
3. Number the pages
4. Any words which you incorporate in to your essay from a book or an article must appear as a quotation. After your quotations, insert the reference in brackets as shown here: (Allison 1993 p.13).
5. Any picture inserted has to be mention in the text (pic.1 or see pic.1) and it has to be footnoted. (Pic.1: Dali with Gala)
6. Please also include an interesting title
You have to choose at least 6 scholar sources. This means that Wikipedia, personal blogs, and this kind of informal webpages are NOT considered as a source.
You can use SCHOLAR SOURCES SUCH AS: article of a newspaper, magazine, video or just a chapter of a whole book (minimum length 10 pages each source).

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