Discroll Essay

103. Discroll Essay


First, read the article titled What are the Various Views on Creation? by Mark Driscoll, the Preaching Pastor at Mars Hill Church. Then, write a 2 – 3-page paper answering the prompts below.
1.Briefly explain which view of creation you hold and why. Then, reflect on what the article has contributed to your understanding of the debate over Creation.
2.After reading Genesis 1 – 3, what details in these chapters influence you the most in trying to decide how literally you should read these chapters? Explain why your approach is either more literal or more figurative.
3.What is your view of the age of the universe, and do you believe that the data in Genesis 1 – 11 can be reconciled with an old-earth view? Why or why not?
4.How would you biblically respond to the possibility that God created the universe through an evolutionary process? What key issues should a discussion on this topic address? How important is this possibility to the issue of biblical authority?
Make sure to include a Title Page with your name, the class name, instructor name, and date. Consult the rubric to see how you will be graded.
In an original thread, compose your essay using the word counts specified below for the four sections of the essay.
1.200 words
2.150 words
3.100 words
4.200 words

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