Drama in Raging Bull (1980 film)

57. Drama in Raging Bull (1980 film)

1- The focus of the paper should be on HOW the genre works not just how the film fits the genre.
2- Analyze this film (Raging Bull) according to the elements and techniques of the Drama genre and more importantly according to the cultural and psychological work the genre does.
3- The paper should have theses sections:
– The DRAMA genre characteristics, conventions, history and cultural function with citation from sources.
– The film (Raging Bull) and what it means in terms of the genre.
– Attention to cinematic aspects, with close analysis of particular shots and scenes (remember to analyze more than you summarize )
4- Two peer reviewed sources about the genre (Drama) Three about the film (doesn’t have to be peer reviewed)
Note: This is an analytic paper, so it must on the whole be in the third-person objective voice.

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