Dystopian Society


Create Your Own Dystopian Society
A dystopia is a vision, of an often futuristic society, which has developed

into a
negative version of Utopia (perfect society). A dystopia is often characterized by
an authoritarian or totalitarian form of government (dictator). It features
different kinds of repressive social control systems, a lack or total absence of
individual freedoms and expressions and a state of constant warfare or violence.
You will create an original dystopian society. You will need to be creative

thoughtful in coming up with a fictional place that was intended to be perfect,

has gone wrong. You must create a citizen of this society that will be the
Protagonist of your project, through which the story will be told. Meaning, this
citizen should realize that the society is wrong and should try to shine a light on the

problems through his or
her narration–tell it from his or her perspective.
Any writing in this assignment should be printed in adherence to MLA format (double-spaced,

12pt font, Times
New Roman, 1 inch margins).
Project Requirements:
1. BACKSTORY: A dystopian story has a backstory: a war, natural disaster or

other terrifying event is
introduced early on in the story to set the stage. Describe the backstory for

your dystopia.
2. SETTING: Describe the setting of your story. What does the place look like where

your citizens live? What
rule or laws apply here? What do the buildings, homes, cars, etc. look like? What year is

3. GOVERNMENT: Describe the government in your dystopia. What kind of government

exists? Who is in
4. CITIZEN: Describe the average citizens in your dystopia. What do they wear? What do

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they do for a living?
Do they have children? How do they behave on a daily basis? What do they do

for fun? How do they respond
to the government?
a. Consider having the citizen introduce him or herself in the beginning of the project,

throughout the other sections, allow his or her characteristics–beliefs, interests,

etc.– shine through.
*Combined, these four sections should compose no less than 2 pages of text.
5. PROPAGANDA: An informational text or other form of media from the government of your

society. This can
be a poster, letter, memo, brochure, political cartoon, video, etc. Comments:
Final Grade:_______________
Points 0-3 4-6 7-9 10
The backstory is
missing, unorganized,
unclear, or minimal. It
is unclear as to how
the dystopia was
created. Little to no
effort went into the
creation of the
The backstory shows some
organization and includes
minimal description of the
creation of the dystopia.
The story is generally
entertaining, and it is clear
that a moderate amount of
effort went into the
creation of this dystopia.
The backstory is clearly
constructed, is
interesting, and depicts
the creation of the
dystopia. It is clear that
effort went into the
creation of this dystopia.
The backstory is clearly
constructed and organized, is
interesting, and vividly
depicts the creation of the
dystopia. Great effort went
into the creation of this
The setting is missing
or undeveloped. No
fine details are
included and little to
no effort is apparent.
The setting is somewhat
description but lacks details
and depth. Moderate effort
was put forth. No laws were
The setting is descriptive
and shows structure.
Some fine details are
accounted for. Includes 3
laws in society.
The setting is vivid,
thoughtful, and welldeveloped. Great attention
to detail is visible. Includes at
least 5 laws in the society.
Government is
missing or
undeveloped. Little to
no effort.
Government is somewhat
developed and shows only
minimal effort.
Government is
developed but lacks
attention to details.
Government is highly
developed and shows great
attention to details.
Citizens are missing or
undeveloped. Little to
no effort went into
their creation.
Citizens are somewhat
developed, but lack depth
and interest. Minimal effort
was put forth in their
Citizens are developed
but lack depth. They may
be easy to relate to but
they are expendable to
the story.
Citizens are interesting and
well-developed. They are
easy to relate to and
essential to understanding
the dystopia.
Propaganda is missing
or minimally
interesting. Shows
poor construction and
thought. Little to no
Propaganda is moderately
creativity and interesting. It
shows some thought and
Propaganda is
interesting, relevant, and
creative. It shows effort
in planning and
Propaganda is thoughtprovoking, relevant, creative,
and well executed. Great

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