Ethics of Influencing Policymaking


Explore the means by which health leaders contribute to policymaking.

“Humans control political markets. Thus, various mixes of altruism and egoism influence policymaking. The operation, outcomes, and

consequences of the public policymaking process are directly affected by the ethics of those who participate in it” (Longest, 2010,

p. 205). In this assignment, you will discuss ethical issues from a personal perspective.

Action Items
Read this week’s assigned chapter in your textbook.

Consider the following ethical issues:
Longest (2016) quotes Beauchamp and Childress (2012): “…no fundamental inconsistency or incompatibility exists between the

autonomy of individuals and the authority of government, so long as government’s authority does not exceed the limits set by those

who are governed” (p. 205).

Discuss your perspective regarding the extent to which the Affordable Care act represents either respect for autonomy or


The ethical principle of justice (or fairness) may be explained in terms of three prominent perspectives: egalitarian, libertarian,

and utilitarian.

Discuss which perspective you hold and why.

“Beneficence in policymaking means that the participants in the process act with charity and kindness; that is, they overtly seek to

do good” (Longest, 2010, p. 208).

Briefly describe how you would apply this principle.

The principles of nonmaleficence (do no harm) beneficence (do good) are the foundation of medical ethics.

Given the contemporary political climate, what is your opinion regarding the extent to which policymakers can fulfill these

By Wednesday, write a 600-word response to the issues in Action Item 2 to the discussion topic, Ethics of Influencing Policymaking.

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