Full metal jacket movie

The Film Critique Paper
This paper should be about one and a half to two pages and is
due Friday, May 5. It should have a heading on the first page
and numbered pages with your name on each page. It goes
without saying that it should follow Modern Language
Association Conventions.
You can write on The Lost Battalion, Children Who Labor, The
Prologue to the Passaic Textile Strike, D-Day: Project Overlord,
any movie on World War One or World War Two, Full Metal
Jacket, any Vietnam War movie, the documentary on the
Edmund Pettis Bridge, any Civil Rights documentary or movie,
and finally, any movie on modern American history from 1890
to the present, but just clear it with me first.
In your content, write about such things as character
development, directing, realism, camera work, music or sound,
acting, etc. Try to use two sources to comment on your film
and have 3 Works Cited page for these two sources.

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