Global writing: Strategic Geography of Gandhi Square


Gandhi Square is a commonly known place for tourists with a lively urban atmosphere and trading activity. The location of square is the middle part of Johannesburg city. The name of the square honors Mahatma Gandhi, who was a famous fighter for the human rights (“Gandhi Square.” para. 2). The person who transformed mentality of numerous people, and currently, whose values and perception continue to influence contemporary views. The central part of the square has a unique Mahatma Gandhi monument. Gandhi dressed in attorney clothes. Square reconstruction contributed to the retail development; thus, banks, restaurants, and stores appeared around the place. The picture depicts overcrowded bus station and free road around which there are high buildings and skyscraper. There are billboards located on the upper part of the several buildings, and buses parked alongside the road. People depicted in the picture are mostly of African origin which suggests that these people are locals. Hence, there are bags on the shoulders, and supposedly, most of the people from the picture go from school. Gandhi Square is attraction located in developing country since there is no dense automobile traffic, low quantity of billboards, and damaged curbs. Accordingly, other squares from various developed countries have opposite features. New-York Times Square overcrowded with people and has multiple advertisements. The situation is similar with Trafalgar Square; hence, overall pavement, curbs, and road markings are featured clearly and do not have damages. Consequently, the living standards difference can be noticed from the picture.
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