History mid-term examination


The mid-term examination requires you to write two short essays from the following three topics, each being composed of about 500


1. Write a short summery of the archaic Hindu believes and ways of life based on what you have learned from this class and

what you might obtain from other original and secondary sources. (It is crucial for you to understand that the term “archaic” means

the time period before 600-500 BCE, and therefore, the ideas represented in Buddhism and Jainism should not be included).

2. How did the Athenians exercise democracy in the classic ages (500 to 300 BCE)? What lessons have modern peoples learned

from their successes and failures?

3. A comparison between Confucius’ thoughts and Taoist thoughts in Classic China.

The essays should follow the very basic format: an introduction, a set of arguments to support your opinion or present your

comparative points, and a conclusion. (It is obvious to me that most of the essays relied too much on the Internet sources often

neglect the use of such a format.)

You can certainly use materials from other sources, including sources from the Internet, but make sure you are

introducing Hindu traditions and the comparison of Classical Chinese thoughts in their proper time periods. You must make proper

judgments as to what materials and views should be included in your writings in your research.

The essays should include footnote/endnote/reference separately.


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