Inflation: Measuring the Cost of Living


This is the writing structure:

The paper provides you an opportunity to realize, reflect, and explain the economics that exist all around us. The paper must include a graph used as an explanatory tool of the economic principle presented.

Instructions for preparing this assignment are as follows:

1. Each paper is to be an analysis on the recent economic events or economic reports from the supplemental resources or references. The focus of this assignment is to relate and analyze current events to basic principles of macroeconomics covered in this course. It is not acceptable to just regurgitate statistics. The paper should indicate that you have a clear understanding of theory learned in class and its application/operation in the ‘outside world.’

2. Option – If you come upon an interesting subject relating to your work or any other non-economic publication that can be explained in light of the theories learned in this class, you may be able to substitute this as the basis article. Discuss the article and ideas with your instructor prior to embarking on this option.

3. Use standard file format (.doc or .docx) for all deliverables (topic, draft, and final paper). Standard margins apply. Papers should contain proper documentation of the article(s) or other references used. If direct quotes are used (not contained in the article), appropriate footnotes, endnotes, or parenthetical citations must accompany the quotes. Since a part of your paper will come from published sources, Internet references, etc., there should be sufficient evidence of where the information for your paper originated. Paper length should be a few pages – short enough to qualify as a commentary but long enough to adequately address the subject. Typically, six to eight double spaced pages are sufficient. Papers are graded on quality of content, not quantity. Standard APA style rules apply and clarity is important to your grade.

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This is the teacher comments:

Structure is a bit odd, so I would suggest you go back and clearly define in the introduction what the paper will address, remove the thesis statement, and then make your points (pro and con) in the body. The conclusion should not only summarize, but tie the points together in a statement of what you think should happen next.

Good, but you know it will be even easier for you to write this if you focus a bit more, For example, if you compare two locations to each other, and explain why costs may be so different. Or show why two locations, albeit in different parts of the country, have similar cost structures due to similarities in industries and socio-economic factors (e.g. demographics)