Innovation In Air Transport


– Choose one airline from the list and discuss it in detail – 2000 words maximum

Please read the Word document “Innovative in Air Transport – Assignment Guidelines” for all the detailed guidelines for the order.

Assignment 2: Individual Essay – 2000 words maximum

Choose an airline from the list below as your case study:

• Network carriers: IAG, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Qantas,

• Low-cost carriers: Ryanair, easyJet, Vuelling

• Charter airlines: airlines in TUI group, Thomas Cook Airlines

• Regional airlines: Flybe, Republic Airways (US), Azul

For example: you can choose “Network carriers – Emirates” for the essay.

You are asked to:
• Discuss key innovations adopted by the airline concerned in the past few years (30%)
• Discuss key drivers of innovation (30%)
• Examine the link between innovation and improved business performance for the airline concerned (30%)
• Overall presentation (10%)

Please fulfill all the four points above in the essay.

Word limit: 2,000 words maximum (excluding figures, tables, appendices and references)

Please include figures, tables in the essay if possible, it will bring up high marks for the assignment.

Please note:
• Type the project using 1.5 line spacing
• Your work should be written in an essay style.

Please choose one airline from the list and drop me a message before start working on the order.

Please read the three lecture slides PowerPoint attachments for the relevant information and theories for the essay. Please use relevant theories from the lecture slide into the essay. Please read through it before starting working on the essay.

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For referencing, please use Harvard referencing and use around 15-20 sources for the essay. Please see the Word document “Research pathways for the assignment”. There are two research pathways provided by my school, please login to it and search for sources there. Sources should be come from different area such as academic journal articles, books etc.