Intellectual Property Law

1. Research Intellectual Property (IP) law from United States and two additional other countries.
2. Summarize the intellectual property law from each of the three countries (Minimum of one page for each country)
3. Compare & Contrast the IP Law of the United States and the two additional countries. (Min of one page)
4. Which of the three countries offers the most protection to the IP owner. Explain and defend with examples and sources.
Overall Requirements/Deliverables:
1. Overview IP law of US
2. Overview of IP law of first chosen country
3. Overview of IP law of second chosen country
4. Compare and contrast the laws of the three countries
5. Identify country which offers best protection to IP owner
6. Explain choice and support with research, sources, and examples

Paper should be written in essay form with appropriate APA headers. Be sure to use quotation marks for any text taken directly from sources, and try to limit the number of direct quotes used in your paper. Instead, analyze, synthesize and interpret content drawn from other sources to support your answers to the case questions. In-text citations are required.



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