International Relations

Assignment Instructions
The Final Paper assesses the final two Course objectives:
CO-4 Analyze the current trends and manifestations of terrorism and consequent challenges they pose for U.S. national security policies.
CO-5 Apply contemporary theories and methods derived from anti- and counter-terrorism policiesto US national security issues.
Write an Op-ed article for a newspaper, relevant to this class. It must address a specific policy issue that is not working, and it must present solutions on how to improve it. You must incorporate literature from this course. But I will allow you to consult outside sources for policy suggestions. Please try to rely on resources that are neutral and apolitical. (MSNBC and FOX News are not recommended). If you need help to decide which resources to use, send me a message.
Grading will be based on the quality of the writing, the clarity of the argument and how well it is supported by the literature from the course. See this handout for tips on writing an effective op-ed.
The required length is 4 double-spaced pages. Remember to cite sources in the text with Turabian in-text citations and write a Reference List at the end of your work.
Upload the attachment, labeled yourlastnameFinal.doc or yourlastnameFinal.docx in the Assignment window under the Final Assignment Folder.
This assignment originally appeared at John F. Kennedy’s School of Government at Harvard University.


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