Is COLOR a Property of the Mind or an Inherent Characteristic of Nature?

Instructions INQUIRY: Is COLOR a property of the mind or an inherent characteristic of nature? Metaphysics is the study of what is real. Descartes said only two things are real: extension and duration. We say space and time, the four dimensions. In this Inquiry, we are looking into the nature of things in space and time, their characteristics; the characteristic that intrigues us is color. So do some research into the modern science of color and give an argument on… where it is. Requirements: MLA format, Size-12 Times New Roman, Double-space. Answer using chunk style (claim/support/commentary – 1st week). Between 1500 and 2500 words Create a Title for this essay as well. You must use at least: 1) two quotes from each philosopher (primary source), and 2) should have at least two quotes from at least an additional source (secondary source

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