Learning Reflective Essay

3. Learning Reflective Essay

Hello I have an assignment Reflective Essay you can check the requirements in the attachment( PLEASE MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW UP THE EXACT INSTRUCTIONS) please make sure there should be citation regarding the emotional competencies also please make sure not to make it redundant
When I started the courses I wanted to be have my own restaurant but my experience with one of the classes where we went to Scandinavia and learned about environmental sustainability all my plans change
I am telling you stuff about me please if you want to know anything always ask so i can make it clear I will add career plan paper slides and the assessment
also make sure no plagiarism as they use a special program
As always don’t hesitate to ask
if you needed to use references
check Goleman D. Working with emotional intelligence 1998 and Whetten and Cameron Developing Managing skills 8th edition
This will be going through the program turn me in plz no play


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