Module 03 Discussion – Digital Worldwide is Hiring

The discussion posts in this course will follow a fictitious company called Digital Worldwide. They have hired you as an entry level manager, and you will be asked to make decisions about the direction of the business and the strategic management process. Each week there will be a new scenario. It’s important to understand that the decisions that you make will carry over to the following weeks, so choose wisely.
Subject: We’re on a Roll
Hey Newbie,
Mary told me that you were a real asset to her last week when we were trying to decide which product expansion to go with. I tend to agree with you, and I’m glad that you were able to influence her with your points. You’ve started to prove yourself as an asset around here, all thanks to my excellent hiring and leadership skills.
Speaking of hiring, we could use your input once again. The product that you chose is ready to be released, but we can’t do anything without hiring a market manager to oversee the project. This new market manager position will be required to lead a group of twenty employees. Those employees will be in charge of creating the marketing and marketing strategy for the new product. There will also be a lot of interaction with the public, informing them of the new product, how it works, and its features and benefits. I have my thoughts on how to handle this, but I’d like to hear yours as well. Shoot me back an email on what types of things you’d look for when hiring a candidate to fill this position.
Don’t let me down on this. We need to keep the momentum going, and the more they listen to us, the more I can start pushing for a promotion. Don’t worry, if I move up I’m taking you with me.
Tom Nelson/Regional President
Digital Worldwide
Send Tom an email back with the following information:
• Remind him which product you chose in the module two discussion.
• Identify two traits that you believe someone who holds this position should have.
• Identify two areas of expertise or knowledge that you believe someone who holds this position should have.
• Remember to explain your choices and connect them to your product choice from the module two discussion. The products are very different and good candidates will not look the same for both.

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