Organisation Design and management

2. HR5053 Individual Essay of 2,500 Words (70% of total module marks)

This assignment is based on the two Facebook video clips which are available on the module Weblearn facility. Two essay titles are outlined below and you should choose one of these titles and produce a 2,500 word essay addressing the specific question you have chosen.


Essay Title 1.
Utilising your knowledge and understanding of structure and culture and, with reference to appropriate academic and theoretical material, critically discuss how structure and culture are used to facilitate employee engagement and to influence and shape employee behaviour and actions within Facebook.


Essay Title 2.
Drawing on your knowledge of how power and control mechanisms operate and, with reference to relevant theories and theoretical perspectives, critically discuss the impact of these mechanisms on employee behaviour and employee involvement within Facebook.



Each essay title will require students to draw on relevant Organisation and Management perspectives and theories that have been covered in the HR5053 Module. You should examine issues that you have identified critically and in building your analysis and arguments, you should draw on a minimum of two Journal Articles in addition to textbooks and other reputable and appropriate sources.

You are also advised that both of the Facebook video clips should be used as the main vehicle for your information and analysis. Further supplementary research on the company is allowed but the main sources you use in constructing your essay should be academic and/or practitioner materials you have drawn from the field of Management and Organisational Behaviour.

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Assessment Criteria for the Individual Essay:
• Relevance of identified key issues.
• Extent and depth of analysis of the issues.
• Extent to which issues are analysed in a critical and integrated manner.
• Extent of use and application of relevant theories and/or theoretical perspectives to support the analysis of the issues.
• Extent of a critical approach to the use and application of theories and/or theoretical perspectives to support the analysis of the issues.
• Coherent and logical structure.
• Extent of background reading/research.
• Conventional referencing throughout with an appropriate list of References and Bibliography provided at the end of the essay in the appropriate Harvard style format.,32068,712448402001_2037228,00.html