Task A. Answer the following learning objectives

1. Briefly define personality (beginning of chapter).

2. Describe psychodynamic theory of personality.

3. Describe cognitive-social theories of personality.

4. Describe major trait theories of personality.

5. Describe humanistic theories of personality.
Task B: Tutorial or online activity with specific questions to be answered

1. Define and briefly describe the Big Five personality dimensions: Openness; Conscientiousness; Extraversion; Agreeableness, Neuroticism.

2. Rank yourself on each dimension and support your ranking [why?] with a list of activities you prefer to do [that illustrates each dimension]

Complete an online test which will provide you with your profile. Please note, your anonymous data will also be collected by the authors to complete their own research
One of these websites is:

Under personal questions at end, you can omit ones that do not apply

3 Provide an image/graph of your online profile and comment on how similar [or different] your [personal ranking [question 2]] score was compared to the test score [question 3]

Task C. Either describe the most interesting/surprising aspect of the chapter or apply (or explain) some aspect of this material to your life (or your future work life).

Word count:_______


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