Play, Trifles


Welcome to Week 5 of Writing Through Literature. Remember to respond to the initial question below and then to post a response to me and/or to one of your peers. You should end up with THREE posts in total. Always refer to the Course Information section on how the discussion boards are graded.
In the Week 3 discussion I wrote: “Students tend to describe rather than analyze in their writing. It is usually not enough simply to outline what you have read. You need to evaluate the ideas, compare them with those of other writers, and examine issues and perspectives critically.” You then extracted descriptions from the poems that you were reading, followed by analysis of these descriptions.

Let’s try this with drama. First, review the chart below as you did in Week 3, THEN, take three (3) quotations directly fromTrifles and describe the situation in which they occur. Finally, ANALYZE their meaning.
Now that you have prepared and written your essay on Trifles, remind us of what topic you chose and what you thesis on that topic is. Finally, what did you teach yourself by exploring this theme in regard to the play.

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