Political Criminal Profiler

111. Political Criminal Profiler

Political Criminal Profile Project For this assignment, you will play the role of a criminal profiler and develop a profile of a REAL LIFE political criminal, consisting of between 500-1000 words, including an explanation of what caused them to commit the crime to facilitate achievement of student learning outcome #3. This assignment will require some additional outside research to complete. Please include a reference section for any information and concepts used from the readings or materials from outside the course.
***Avoid answering the questions below in piecemeal fashion, they are to be used more as a guide; instead try to synthesize and integrate your responses and ideas into an overall analysis.***
At a minimum, you must address the following questions and issues:
Give some background or summary of the group or individual and crime committed: who, what, where, when, and how.
What type of political crime was committed ? oppositional or state?
What was the motivation for this crime? In other words, why did they commit this crime?
Using the theories that you learned about in Module 2, what are the potential causes or theoretical explanations for this criminal behavior ? micro or macro theories or a combination. Explain why based on the target, method, affiliations etc.
How does the type of political crime relate to the theory?


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