Political Issues

site https://kropfpolisci.com/dvcpolsci250.htm (if you don’t understand what I want, visit this site and see 1st Journal response) Please write like this https://kropfpolisci.com/sample.journal.kamboj.pdf each question one page length 1st Journal Responses For the first eight lectures, please respond to the question shown from each lecture from the "Study and Discussion Questions" section. Responses should be approximately one page in length (double-spaced) 1. Lecture / Discussion Page (Historical Overview), Question 6 Q6. In the Newman film, the American mass media is described as doing a very poor job of explaining the outlines of the current crisis with Iran. Do the various commentators interviewed do an adequate job of giving a different view? Where do find yourself in agreement or disagreement with them? Video: Iran (Is Not the Problem). A documentary film by Aaron Newman. 2. Lecture / Discussion Page (Realism), Question 9 Q9. In what ways does Dr. Kissinger?s assessment of U.S. policy in the war against terrorism reflect general realist principles? In what ways does it differ? 3. Lecture / Discussion Page (Liberalism), Question 9 Q9. What aspect of liberalism (institutional or economic transnationalism) does De Soto focus on in the documentary and can you find any internal inconsistencies or contradictions? 4. Lecture / Discussion Page (Class System Theory), Question 5 Q5. Discuss Wallerstein’s contention (p. 223:5.4) that ?the capitalist world-economy cannot survive? and as a historical social system is ?in the process of being superseded." Do you agree? Why or why not? 5. Lecture / Discussion Page (Postmodernism/Feminism), Question 7 Q7. From the Khattak article, how does a ?women-centered perspective? on the U.S. military intervention in Afghanistan differ from that of a male-centered perspective? Is this distinction useful in formulating IR theory? 6. Lecture / Discussion Page (Political Culture Theory), Question 7 Q7. Why does Barber believe that the realist paradigm fails to provide U.S. guidance for U.S. foreign policy in the 21st century? 7. Lecture / Discussion Page (Human Nature/Cognitive Theory), Question 9 Q9. What are some of your thoughts and observations on the Weimberg / Ryan documentary? How does it support, or undermine, the tenets of human nature or cognitive theory? Soldiers of Conscience. A documentary film by Gary Weimberg and catherine Ryan. 8. Lecture / Discussion Page (Peace Studies Theory), Question 2 Q2. Discuss some of the criticisms of peace studies theory. Do you believe that today?s world makes this type of theory ?unrealistic??

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