Power Tools for long term collaboration


I am looking for a high quality writer specialized in writing about Power Tools.
Passion for the subject, willingness to learn and research new tools and previous experience is a must.
You will become a regular writer for our power-tools oriented website, with a lot of assignments varying from short, 1000+ words informational articles, to in-depth 5,000+ guides where you will be provided an outline to follow.
If that sounds appealing to you, please get back to us with:
1) A sample of previous work, published on the web, related to power tools.
2) Price quote or range
We’ll take it from here. Thanks.
Project Type: Ongoing project
You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:
1. Why are you an expert in the power tools niche, what is your background or previous experience?
2. Please list samples of articles written specific on this subject. In exceptional cases, we can consider writing in other niches, but we prefer people who have experience and who have written on this subject.

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