PROPOSAL ESSAY :“Humanitarian intervention: NATO intervention in KOSOVO”

89. PROPOSAL ESSAY :“Humanitarian intervention: NATO intervention in KOSOVO”


Essay proposal (500 words (excl. bibliography)
Your essay will be required to critically engage the institutional dimension of one of the three global governance issues: Human Rights or Humanitarian Aid or Human Security.
“Humanitarian intervention: NATO intervention in KOSOVO”
Note : The aim is to demonstrate the structure of non-state actor NATO and how it work in global governance . Use Kosovo as a case study for exemplification.
How to write a 500 word Outline?
1. Introduction?In this essay, I provide an overview of the most important aspects of writing an outline, because the purpose and content of outlines are not always clear.?The question to be answered is: what are the criteria for writing an excellent outline. Based on a review of academic and non-academic sources, the essay provides guidance on the writing of outlines. A good outline demonstrates the author’s understanding of the subject.
2. The Purpose of an Outline?An outline aspires to convince the reader of the appropriateness and viability of the
essay. It is according to Nordquist: ‘a plan for … a writing project’.1, A ‘sentence outline’ is most appropriate for such purpose. It ‘summarizes each idea in a complete sentence that may become the topic sentence for a paragraph in the rough draft.” (Alred, 2006).2 In order to serve its purpose, the content of the outline must reflect preliminary research and findings, i.e. an outline is grounded in and informed by an existing policy and/or academic debate.
3. The Content of an Outline?The content of an outline sets out the following: what you want to do (your research subject/idea/topic), why you want to pursue this topic (the intellectual/academic challenge) and how (methodology) you want to do this.
3.1 The research idea/topic.
Coming up with an idea or a research topic is easy. Coming up with an appropriate and viable idea is something else. Appropriateness and viability need to be verified, i.e. you need to investigate whether your topic/question is subject to debate. Google Scholar can be a first tool to check the relevance of your idea(s) and possibly refine them.
3.2 Why is your investigation intellectually important?
Academic research and writing (often) addresses an intellectual problem/question. These can be both empirical as well as more theoretical.3 But this problem question must always relate to a relevant academic discourse. For an outline it is important to identify and to critically review this discourse.
3.3 Research methodology
For the purpose of this essay, I will use academic and non-academic writings. The latter is important because of the practical character of outlines.4
An outline is a guide for writer and reader; it provides both enough basis to structure future writing and enough information to assess the appropriateness and methodological/theoretical value of the essay.
4. Conclusion?Outlines require the author to both understand and explain the issue of her writing. The outline needs to reflect the design and content of the essay. The outline serves the preparation of the final essay, but it is not a static template. The content and design of the final essay reflects the outcome of the research; not the template of the outline.

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