Analyze one of the articles within the tracks, which will provide practice for your literature review. When you complete your literature review, you will be addressing more specific elements. These questions are the first thing to think about when beginning a literature review. Keep in mind that these questions are practice and preparation for the more detailed literature review elements to come.
● What is the title of the article? Provide a citation for the article in APA format.
● What is the purpose of the article?
● What is the hypothesis of the study? In other words, what claims do the authors make in the article?
● Whatvariables (factors) are being looked at as it impacts social thinking?
● If these variables or the relationship between these variables has been studied before, what does the article indicate about the findings of previous studies? This shows historical significance.
● Describe the type of research design that was used in the study.
● Do you think the research in this article was conducted in an ethical manner? Why or why not?
Each question requires an answer in one to three sentences, although you can write more if needed. This should result in a journal entry that is around 1 page in length. Be sure to cite directly from the sample article to support your answers.


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