Reaction/Discussion Paper on Behavorism



Discuss the beginnings of behaviorism with attention given to the themes of conditioning as learning; respondent and operant behavior; Skinner’s radical behaviorism; and behavioral science and society.
Detail the essential elements in the process of classical conditioning.
Detail the essential elements in the process of operant conditioning.
Characterize the so-called two-factor theory of conditioning.
Discuss behavior modification with an emphasis on changing respondent behavior, modifying operant behavior, and the use of observational learning.


Discuss behaviorism as one possible perspective on human behavior. The context here is obviously Fernald’s (2008) Chapter 4 as well as the four video segments. Please revisit the course syllabus as needed to review the specifications for this assignment. Due Date: 11:00pm, Friday, June 24
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Each reaction/discussion paper must address
principally—though not exclusively—a critical analysis of the designated reading
and/or media resource in accordance with the following subsections: (a)
Background addressing a brief summary of the principal theoretical constructs
and empirical research base; (b) Evaluative Critique inclusive of your pro and con
assessment of the aforementioned constructs and research bases; and (c) RealWorld
Applications addressing viable ways in which the designated focus under
consideration may relate to one or more pragmatic concerns such as therapy,
instruction, parenting, and/or workplace behavior. The stylistic/ formatting
specifications for each reaction/discussion paper are as follows: two wordprocessed
pages (approximately 500-600 words in toto); double-spaced;
maximum of one-inch margins—top, bottom, right, and left; 12-point Times New
Roman font; American Psychological Association (APA) stylistic format

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