Request for Proposal (RFP)

Request for Proposal (RFP)

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As an IT consultant, you will need to be very familiar with RFPs and understand what organizations expect from your bid proposals. To understand the perspective of the requesting organization, you will develop an RFP and submit it to one of your fellow learners for review.
Develop your RFP for a project that you find either on the Internet or through a work or professional resource. Identify one of your fellow learners to exchange papers with, and communicate your choice with your instructor. Your RFP should be 4–5 pages long and include the following elements:
Introduction: Similar to an executive summary, the introduction states the basic need and other important information necessary to summarize the project.
General information: Includes the company or government data, general qualifications, and so forth.
Description of the goods or services that are open for bid: Descriptions, guidelines, and other information that provide the basis of information for the bidder to have in preparing their response to the need.
Minimum qualifications to bid.
Contract terms and conditions.
Minimum standards: Description of the minimum standards that the bidder must abide by, including applicable regulations, code, et cetera.
Required elements in the bid proposal: A description of each required element that must be present in the bid, which may include executive summary, deliverables, financials, summary of proposed project participants, et cetera.
Submittal requirements: The details related to successfully submitting a proposal and timeframe for submission.
Evaluation criteria: The elements that will be used to evaluate each bid submitted and the award details.
Not all these elements will be found in every RFP, but the second, third, fourth, and ninth are considered a minimum set of elements that should be present. You will not need to include all of the elements outlined above in your RFP, but you should provide the minimum.

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