Research And Analysis Paper

Research And Analysis Paper (Follow Checklist)

The events of 9/11 devastated our nation’s sense of security and changed the outlook of law enforcement forever. Aside from the impact the attacks had on this nation — be it the death toll, the economic impact, etc. — law enforcement faced other unknown challenges on that fateful day. Several law enforcement and private sector agencies ranging from the New York City Police Department to FEMA arrived at Ground Zero only to find that their ability to communicate was severely inhibited due to incompatible equipment and fragmented technologies.
For this Assignment, please research the communication challenges law enforcement agencies may have faced, be it internal, or in relation to other agencies, when responding to a particular disaster, either natural or man-made.
Write a 3−5-page paper that:
Details the facts of the incident and the specific communication problems encountered
The consequences of those problems in terms of lives lost, etc.
The steps taken by the relevant agencies to address those problems. If no steps were taken, what steps should be taken?
You will need to use a minimum of 3 academic sources. Use Google Scholar, JSTOR, textbooks, and/or .gov websites to keep the true academic sources in your papers. TURNITIN MUST BE UNDER 20% Make sure to write a few sentences discussing how you evaluated the credibility of your sources.

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