restaurant review

Topic for paper #2: restaurant review


For this paper, you will write a review of a restaurant. Although the reviews we will discuss in class are primarily of fine dining establishments, any kind of restaurant is an acceptable choice for this project. Family, fast food, and fine dining establishments, and even college dining commons are all appropriate subject matter for this essay.


As you begin to organize, keep the following things in mind.


1) GOAL OF A REVIEW. The purpose of a review is to evaluate the quality of something (food, a book, a film, etc.) so that your audience has an informed opinion on which to base their purchasing decisions.


2) AUDIENCE. As always, try to imagine your audience. In this case, that audience is made up of all the people who want to know something about a restaurant before they eat in it. They want to be able to make a quick, informed decision based on your experience opinion, so your ability to organize and prioritize is very important.


3) ORGANIZATION. The organization of your review will depend to some extent on what type of restaurant you are reviewing, but certain items should always be covered. Since some items, such as atmosphere, are more important for certain kinds of establishments than others, these will get greater or lesser attention, or different placement in your review, than others.



  1. A) Type and quality of food. Covering this thoroughly might require several paragraphs.


  1. B) Quality of service. Address such matters as speed of service, knowledge of server,
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and mannerliness.


  1. C) Atmosphere and décor of restaurant


  1. D) Prices


  1. E) Beverages


  1. F) Location and accessibility


5) TITLING YOUR REVIEW. Create a title that is informative and illuminating, one that grabs the audience’s attention.