Rooms Division Operations Management

Purpose of this assignment
This unit will provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of contemporary rooms’
division operations management and the importance of revenue management to operations.
The unit examines the role of the rooms division within the management of hospitality operations, the operational elements that comprise the rooms division and how these are deployed
by management to maximise both occupancy and rooms revenue. Learners will gain understanding of the role of the front office as the “nerve centre” of customer activity with network
communication links within and to other departments. They will also gain understanding of the
management of housekeeping services.
You are employed as a Room Division Manager (RDM) in Accor Group. One hotel owned by
the Group will be undergoing a development project in order to upgrade it from a 3 star hotel
to a 5 star luxury hotel. This hotel is situated in the central London will be renamed: ”Harmony”. The “Harmony” hotel will have 150 bedrooms (double and twin), 15 luxury suites, executive floor for business clients. It will also have 2 conference rooms, one banqueting hall, one
leisure centre, one medical first aid centre, one brunch room, one luxury restaurant,
concierge and front desk. The leisure centre will have own reception.
The Group has forwarded the development project to you and have asked you to create an information pack on how to improve the rooms’ division department for the “Harmony” hotel.
You are also asked to consider the following points when completing the report (Task 1):


1.a) As a RDM analyse the roles and responsibilities of a range of
accommodation and reception services staff (explain,5 star hotel and bed and breakfast and 3
star hotel)
1.b) Further you need to discuss legal and statutory requirements that apply to rooms division
operations (explain with regulations you can have,discus. health and safety,payments,price
details,working hours.Front office must be 24 hours,3 shifts.Rota.)
1.c)Evaluate services provided by the rooms division in a range of hospitality businesses
(2-3 different provided in all facilities,evaluate important,satisfactions.)
2.a Assess the importance of the front of house area to effective management.
(start talk about scenario Harmony hotel.)(whats important services at reception,booking how
important.. when is bringing best revenue.profit.keeping record for housekeeping department)
2.b Discuss the key aspects of planning and management of the front of house area for a given
hospitality operation
(think how you planing activity in reception you planing rota.what training
need.which knowledge is important for housekeeping revenue management)
2.c Critically discuss the key operational issues affecting the effective management and business performance of the front office area for a given operation(2.3)
3.a Discuss the critical aspects of planning and management of the accommodation service
function for a given hospitality operation
(discuss about different services.Technology.Opera what you can do with them)
3.b Analyse the key operational issues affecting the effective management and business performance of the accommodation service function for a given operation

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4.a One of your duties as RDM will be to increase the sales to Harmony Hotel. In order to achieve this task you are to perform revenue/yield management activities to maximise occupancy and rooms revenue. Create hypothetical data for a model based on regression analysis(please make a
table with Exell and copy past photo in my document) its
very important.thanks.i put photo with example on the 4 page.
4.b In order to promote and maximise the revenue for the Harmony Hotel
and based on the previous point (the regression analysis) discuss sales
techniques that rooms division staff can use. (what can i do increase strategy,give solutions)
4.c Discuss the purpose and use of forecasting and statistical data within
the rooms division referring to the importance of the regression analysis.
(what for using statistics)
4.d Calculate rooms division performance indicators to measure the success of accommodation sales. The indicators that need to be calculated are:
(double occupancy formula)
– Room Occupancy
– Double Occupancy
– Sleeper Occupancy
– Average Rate (known as Average Room Rate – ARR or Average Daily Rate –
– GopPAR (assume that the GOP for the day is £ 9800)
Write a short explanation for the indicators calculated, and discuss aspects
related to the net present value (NPV).
In order to demonstrate your ability to calculate rooms division performance indicators use the information given in scenario and the following
information from a similar 5 star hotel (records following the occupancy
data for 10 January 2016) :
Standard room : £240/night
Luxury suit: £350/night
Room type Number of rooms available Number of rooms occupied/sold
Number of rooms with double occupancy
Standard 150 110 80
Luxury suit 15 8 5

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just please do it with Microsoft office exell