Social Policy and Federal Representative


Part 1. Start this project by identifying current state or federal legislation focusing on a topic of interest from this course. You can obtain this information online, as you did above, by calling your Representative in the State government or the Federal government, or from your local library. Locate media commentary on the legislation in newspapers, magazines (Congressional Record), or books. Prepare an analysis of the social policy using information from the text. Does the legislation include a definition? Are any theories referenced and used to support the need for the legislation There may be one or more bills being presented that deal with the issue in family violence that you have chosen. Note: the current policy may be a modification of an existing piece of legislation. You can discuss the issues with your classmates online. You should write a 3 to 5 page summary of the issue using the resource material to criticize or support the legislation.

Part 2. Prepare a 3-5 page paper that would be your testimony before Congress regarding the issue you identified above. Stay focused on your topic. Your testimony should be prepared to get the legislators to do something. This can be to vote for a bill, change a bill to include a point that you support, remove a point from a bill that you disagree with, or spend more money on a project (remember you are asking to raise your taxes). Use information from the reading, your discussion online with your classmate, and the research sources from the first part of the project.

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