What are the strengths and limitations of the concept of well-being for understanding and supporting children’s physical and emotional needs?

this essay is to be written based on the material scanned and attached ONLY. Chapter 4 “children and violence” and the scanned Chapter 5- “resilience and well being”, as well as Reading A, Reading B, Reading C of chapter 5, i have as well attached a page of the beginning of the book for accurate references for the reference list at the end of the essay and in text referencing use the beginning of each chapter for the writers name.
NO OTHER MATERIAL RESOURCES ALLOWED. SO please read the scanned pages and base your response on them.
essay-based response that asks you to evaluate the concept of well-being for children, especially in relation to their physical and emotional needs.
The question specifically refers to the strengths and limitations of the concept of well-being.
You may want to begin by summarising what is understood by the concept of well-being and the difficulties of definition that the concept generates. There are many different approaches to this question; however, it is important to respond to the structure of the question. In preparation for your assignment, you may find it helpful to make two columns and note the possible strengths in one column and the limitations in another. This may help you shape your answer in ways that consider both aspects of the question.
Your plan may also help you think about the differences and points of comparison between the two.
It is important for you to demonstrate not only that you understand the strengths and limitations of the concept of well-being, but also that you are able to bring in your own critical voice to evaluate and comment on these themes.
Include in-text references to relevant material where appropriate, and at the end add a list of references, in OU Harvard style.

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