Summary: Louder than Words

1. Final Paper (15% of your final grade) – The final paper assignment is to write a one-page summary of a recent peer-reviewed, business article from a scholarly journal. Key words are summary and one page.
The article is in PAL titled Louder Than Words: The Hidden Power of Nonverbal Communication in the Workplace by Fred Lunenburg.
If it has been some time since you have written a summary, you may want to review the topics in the How to Write a Summary module in PAL.
Note about a Summary. A summary is not about your opinion so leave your opinion out. Mention the author and cite the source. Follow the rubric and the items mentioned in Five Essential Points of Summarizing:
1. Provide a condensed version of the author’s key points. Focus only on the relevant points of the source.
2. Decide on what your audience needs to know. Add details sparingly and go only to the depth necessary for your audience to understand and appreciate the source.
3. Develop topic sentences to give your audience an idea of the main points.
4. Use your own words, leave out your opinion, and always include a citation.
5. Include the title of the article (in correct format), author’s name (in correct format), and the article’s topic somewhere in the first paragraph.


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