1. There are two types of surrogacy, gestational and traditional (
  2. It is included in the links about legal issues and legislature in MD as far as surrogacy (,
  4. I think that surrogacy is a good option for couples who have had a hard time trying to conceive. This is very personable to me as I have considered surrogacy before after years of trying and having two miscarriages.  My husband I tried for several years to conceive, after the second miscarriage we went to a fertility specialist and I found out that I have a problem with my hormones and ovulating.  Going through fertility treatments are very draining, physically & emotionally, especially for the female and it’s something you want so bad.  You feel less than a woman because you can’t give your husband one of the things you were put on earth to do….multiply.  It is very stressful and emotional on your marriage as sometimes the husbands are not the ones going through getting blood drawn several times, tracking your menstrual cycle, going in for sonograms (to check the size of your eggs), taking pills, getting injections, mood swings/side effects or having to get the eggs extracted.  Although eventually I had a successful pregnancy (with twin girls) after 6 months of treatment, my sister and a very good friend offered to be a surrogate for me.  They knew how much we wanted to have another child and they saw how distressed I was each month I wasn’t pregnant.  In going through fertility treatments, it is not as easy as people think it is to get pregnant even for a couple with no issues.   I know that some people do it for the money but others do it to generally help out a couple wanting to be parents. If someone is going to be a surrogate, both parties should do their research on one another, have legal representation and everything should be spelled out in the contract to protect both parties.  Things that should be included in the contract should be:  informed consent (chapter 12-see attached, slides 36, 37 & 44), about who will be responsible for the legal fees, any compensation to the surrogate (not all surrogates are paid), that the donors are the legal parents of the child, any conditions where the surrogate can abort the pregnancy, if the surrogate leave with or back out during the pregnancy, about medical bills, who’s responsible for insurance coverage.  By being/having a surrogate they are allowing people who are unable to conceive, for whatever reason, to have a wish come true…to be a parent.
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Hot Topic paper grading rubric

Item Total point value Novice Competent Proficient
1.       Present a brief summary of your ‘hot topic’ including a definition, if applicable.  Maximum length:  1 page 1 0.7-0.8 0.8-0.9 0.9-1
2. Present the legal precedents related to your ‘hot topic’.  Ensure that your review is thorough.  It may be necessary to review how legal precedents have changed over time.  Students must include all current/present legal precedents.  Maximum length:  2 pages 4.5 3.15-3.6 3.6-4.05 4.05-4.5
3. Present the various ethical viewpoints related to your ‘hot topic’.  Ensure that your review is thorough.  It may be necessary to review how ethical viewpoints have changed over time.  Students must include a summary of current/present ethical viewpoints.  Maximum length:  2 pages 4.5 3.15-3.6 3.6-4.05 4.05-4.5
4.       Make a position-statement on your ‘hot topic’ from your own ethical viewpoint.  You will need to provide ‘support’ for your position-statement such as your ELI results, favored ethical theories, religious/spiritual belief system, or other applicable resources/references.  Please note that you are not arguing the rightness/wrongness of the ‘hot topic’ itself.  Rather, you are providing support for your position-statement.  Maximum length:  4 pages 5 3.5-4 4-4.5 4.5-5
APA 6th edition format including spelling and grammar.  Title page is required.  Reference page is required.  An abstract is NOT required. * * * *


Definitions of novice, competent, and proficient are located in the syllabus, grading rubric definitions section.  *Please note that using APA 6th edition format including spelling/grammar is an expectation of all RN-BSN students.  It is included in all sections of grading.



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