The Final Research

Report The Final Research Report consists of two sections: Section 1 (parts 1-6) should detail and build upon the information you provided in your presentation. Section 2 (parts 7 and 8) is a systematically compiled bibliography for your chosen research area. This will detail your search method string and refinements – details below. Research report should contain the following: Section 1 (1) Title a short title which summarises your research project try to keep your title simple don’t to be too complicated (2) Area of Research A brief outline of the area to be studied & the main issues to be explored (3) Research Question(s) a sentence or two which outlines your main research question(s). This may be your hypothesis. Try to keep your question(s) simple – don’t be too ambitious and try to be as precise as possible and operationalize your terms. (4) Information that will answer your question Define what information you will need to answer your research question. (5) Research Design a) Define what research method will reveal or allow you to gain the information you need to answer your question. b) Define the actual methods you will use to obtain this information; you must provide details – these will differ depending on the methods you will use but may include information on sample size, interview schedules, etc. (6) Critical issues in your research What areas do you think will cause problems in your research? Are their any ethical issues involved? What about access issues? Alternative solutions – if you cannot gain access to the sources you need what alternatives are there? Section 2 (7) Literature search List the key words / terms and variants you used in developing your search string. Note your search string in Boolean format (AND, OR) and “ “ for the terms and variants of. Note the date and database on which you ran the string. (8) Bibliography Provide a 30 item bibliography of you research area built using your literature search.