The role and importance of rhetorical education


When researching and writing your paper, you should use at least one of each of the following types of sources: 1) a primary source; 2) a monograph, if available; 3) an article from an academic journal; 4) a piece from a reputable internet site.



The paper must be 6-8 double-spaced pages, excluding works cited. Pages should be numbered at the top right-hand corner.

Your paper should be double-spaced, with one-inch margins, in 12-point type.

Include end notes or footnotes and a bibliography.


The general rule to keep in mind is that you should avoid using a large number of endnotes/footnotes.

Conversely, whenever you use an idea which is not yours and is not considered common knowledge you should add a footnote or endnote. (Common knowledge: a fact or argument mentioned in multiple sources.)

Also, even if a fact or argument is common knowledge but you want to draw attention to a particular person’s use of it, you should use an endnote or footnote.


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