The Things They Carried

You’re expected to write a four to five page paper on the book with four to five sources. Here’s the way
to go about it:
We will discuss in class the following chapters. Choose two of these to discuss in your paper. Each one
you choose must be at least 15 pages long. Then choose two more in the book of any length for a grand
total of four chapters. Are there any themes running through the book? If so, discuss the theme(s) at the
beginning and end of your essay. In the middle, you’ll be discussing the four chapters. Bring in criticism
from your sources but also express your own opinions.+
Here are the chapters we will discuss in class:
The Things They Carried”
On the Rainy River”
Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong”
(f’The Man I Killed”
Speaking of Courage”
The Ghost Soldiers”
(”Night Life”
The Lives of the Dead”
At the end of your paper you need a Works Cited page in the proper Modern Language Association

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