truth-telling and physician-patient relationship


Critical discussion of supported literatures
1. Thoroughly examine the relationship of identified problem to its cause and effect
2. Critically analyse the situation, breaking information into parts, making inference supported with evidences
3. Discriminate information that are not relevant to the situation
4. Critically organize ideas from different point of views utilizing acceptable sources of evidence
5. Ability to discover new approach from the different ideas and recommendation utilizing acceptable sources of evidence
6. Includes ethical/legal considerations throughout the discussions
7. Ability to demonstrate effective and varied transitions link all ideas

Action plan
1. Ability to compile points of view that generates problem solving strategies
2. Critically consider realistic strategies to facilitate further learning and professional practice
3. Considered strategies are well planned and scientifically developed
4. Critically recommend solutions form the insights gained
5.demonsterate evaluative strategy to follow up suggested strategies


Evaluation and presentation
1. Sentences are well constructed and have acceptable length of 5-9 lines length; and use of grammar, punctuations, spelling and adherence to word limit throughout the discussion



Gibbs’ model needed to be followed in this reflection
Your work will start with critical discussion of supported literature and will end with conclusion. Attached with scenario, feeling and evaluation.
The program is POST-GRADUATE LEVEL 5



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