Tutorial paper on the vehicle rescheduling problem


We’re looking for someone to put together an optimization tutorial paper based on vehicle rescheduling problem.
We’d like for the upworker to create a tutorial paper as to how these simulations work and to explain the traffic model itself. The paper should be at least 8 pages in length, (not including graphics, appendix, works cited page, etc) and should have at least 10 references and 10 in-text citations. All of this should be in AMS (American Mathematics Society) citation style.
The tutorial paper should not only explain the optimization of the solution, but should also include code of the implementation of the optimization. The code should be integrated into the tutorial and examples should be used to show how the optimization works.
We’ve already started working on this project and have attached that work so far. Any work that the upworker does must NOT overlap with any information that’s in our attached file. The paper that the freelancer should create should better explain the nuances of the vehicle rescheduling problem by introducing also the vehicle routing problem. The paper should also make more conclusions as to how the genetic algorithm best applies to this problem and how it will be applied. Lastly, there should be a 2 page research proposal explaining how we could use the code for the genetic optimization to collect data and test a possible hypothesis relating to the problem’s optimization.
There may be additional tutoring necessary to execute the research proposal portion of this project. Upworker would be compensated additionally for this tutoring if necessary.

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